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You can download a normal Wistia video by using Chrome extensions or inspecting the source as the video plays.

Password-protected videos hosted by Wistia require a bit more digging, but work essentially the same way.

You still need to know the password, but it works nonetheless.

Press play, then enter the password to start the video. Right-click and “Copy Link and Thumbnail.”

Paste that link somewhere like a new tab. Look for a 10-character code after “/media” or “?wvideo=”. It will look something like b2o47znu9k.

Copy this link:

and replace b2o47znu9k and YourPassword with your values. Hit Enter to reveal a long text block.

Cmd+F to find “bin”. Copy the link of one of the .bin files and open it in a new tab. Most are videos, some are images. The first one is the original video file. The links look like

Right click on the video and “Save Video As”. Replace “.bin” with “.mp4” and you’re ready to play the video locally.